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What are Gaskets?

The head gasket on your engine is an important piece of metal. It seals in the engine block to the cylinder, allowing pistons to move through and compress air from the combustion chamber. However, you could have issues from coolant, spark plugs, overheating engine, or just other issues that will cause your head gasket to blow. If you do get a blown head gasket, it could mean more damage to your engine, which is why it is recommended that you immediately get it fixed.

Have you noticed some symptoms of a head gasket problem? You may have seen the temperature rising from your engine, or it could be white smoke from your tailpipe. Any of these issues signals that a gasket is probably the issue.

If you want to fix your gasket fast and get your engine checked, then you should check out Volkswagen of Salem located in Salem, OR for service and high-quality customer service.

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