The Volkswagen Arteon is a new entry to the world of stylish sedans. The car is the latest and rapidly highly regarded fastback, a vehicle that makes a truly powerful statement. The design features in and outside the Volkswagen Arteon combine classic touches with creative innovation.

The Volkswagen Arteon features a classic fastback design. This means that the body of the Volkswagen Arteon is crafted with a roofline that slopes gently downward and then merges seamlessly with the back of the sedan. In addition, the outstanding design features of the Volkswagen Arteon include a truly comfortable, stylish interior. A spacious cabin, the Volkswagen Arteon comes complete with heated seats and a spectacular tilting and sliding sunroof.

You can learn more about the Volkswagen Arteon and its dynamic design features at Volkswagen of Salem in Salem, OR. Our team can arrange a test drive for you.

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