Vacuuming the interior of your car does help keep it clean, but there are ways to prevent things from getting too out-of-control. Purchasing the right floor mats helps the cause of vehicle cleanliness. Rubber and carpet floor mats are options, and it helps to choose the right one.

If you live in an environment where the weather is harsh and the terrain somewhat unkind, rubber floor mats are a little better than carpeting. If mud or sand jammed into the rubber, cleaning the mats doesn’t require much effort.

When you are dealing with too much dirt and debris, carpet floor mats could be better. They do add a bit of additional beautification to the interior since there are so many customization options available. You could even have your initials on them.

Check out all the floor mats available in our inventory in Salem, OR. At Volkswagen of Salem, we can provide an incredible array of accessories.

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