When it comes to protecting your vehicle, there isn't anything you wouldn't do - especially if one simple task could save you hundreds on a new paint job. At Volkswagen of Salem, we understand the importance of our customer's budget - that's why we wanted to let you in on the secret of car wax.

Car wax is a wax that's mixed with solvents in order to give you a malleable mixture you can easily spread across your vehicle. Don't worry about dulling the shine of your vehicle's finish - once it dries, you'll hardly notice it's there. However, what you will notice is how good of a job it's doing protecting your vehicle from scratches, fading, and water damage.

To learn more about how to use car wax and what type to get, pay us a visit here at Volkswagen of Salem. We'd be happy to clue you in on how it works, as well as provide you with any servicing your vehicle might need.

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