Sharing the road with cyclists is becoming more and more prominent each and every year in Salem, OR. It is important that as the motor vehicle operator we take the high ground and yield our right of way to ensure everyone on the road is as safe as they can be.

One simple thing you can do to help share the road with cyclists is to pay attention to your surroundings. Try not to be distracted by your phone or other devices while driving, and always be on the lookout for a cyclist. You should also know that cyclists have the right to take up an entire lane if there is not enough room for a bike and a car. Don't try and rush to pass them as this just puts both of you in danger. Take your time and pass when it is safe for everyone.

You can stop by Volkswagen of Salem for more road safety tips, or if you are looking for a new vehicle. We would be more than happy to get you set up behind the wheel of your next dream car.

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