Each tire is designed to provide optimal performance and traction depending on road conditions. Learn more about tire types and allow us to answer your questions at our Salem, OR Volkswagen of Salem facility. Our highly skilled technicians are ready to take care of your vehicle's maintenance needs.

Summer tires are designed to provide optimal traction during warm weather and rain. The materials used for the tread include additives that ensure gripping power on extremely wet road conditions. The tires are also created tough in order to maintain shape in extremely warm climates. The tread is typically shallower with straight grooves and a continuous rib to make better contact with the road.

On the other hand, all-season tires are created to ensure traction when the snow flies. The rubber remains flexible in the coldest of temperatures to ensure proper road grip. The grooves are typically deeper with varied patterns, which enhance the life of the tire with normal year-round use.

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