What You Should Know About Blind-Spot Monitors

Every driver knows that their blind-spot can be a risk whenever they are on the road. Luckily, some new technology assists drivers with this exact risk. At Volkswagen of Salem, we want to make sure every driver in Salem, OR is safe and knows about the latest vehicle safety technology like blind-spot monitors.

Blind-spot monitors have been proven to reduce lane-change injuries and collisions. Blind-spot monitors activate a light in a vehicle’s side mirrors when another vehicle is in the driver’s blind spot. AAA has found that 41% of drivers are looking for technology to assist them with lane changes in their next vehicle.

At Volkswagen of Salem, we know how important vehicle safety is to all drivers, and that’s why we stock vehicles with blind-spot monitors. Come by today and let our knowledgeable staff demonstrate this technology and take a test drive so you can see it in action for yourself.

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