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Inspect Your Car Tires More Often to Avoid a Tire Blowout

Ignore paying closer attention to your car tires and you could risk having a blowout and causing a serious wreck on the highway. Here are a few things to start looking out for.

If you were to take a closer inspection of the car tires once a week for five minutes, you could spot potential issues with the tire treads that could lead to a blowout. The things to look out for are bulges and cracks in the tire tread, any obstruction sticking out of the tire, and pieces of tread separating from the rest of the tire.

Perhaps you hit a curb hard or ran something over in the road, and now the front-end alignment is off. This can wear a tire unevenly and lead to damage of the car tire.

To make certain your vehicle's tire are in the best shape, stop by our service department at Volkswagen of Salem to have your tires rotated.

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