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These are the Essentials for Your Roadside Emergency Kits

The best way to survive any roadside emergency is preparing for issues long before you get on the road. Here are a few things to keep inside your roadside emergency kit.

  • Tire fix-a-flat will help you get your car off the highway and on to a safer location near the shoulder.
  • Road flares are essential for your roadside emergency kit because they keep you safe by warning other drivers your vehicle is disabled.
  • A gallon of engine coolant will help you cool down the overheated engine and help you get to a service center for any needed repairs.
  • An empty gas can could make the difference in sitting stranded or getting help from another motorist.
  • A small first-aid kit will allow you to help with minor injuries until help arrives.

Stop by our service department at Volkswagen of Salem today before your next trip so we can give the entire vehicle a checkup and take care of any issues.

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