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How to Tell if Hoses and Belts on the Car are Failing

If hoses or belts on the car engine stop working, it not only impacts other parts of the cooling system, the car could become disabled when the engine overheats. Here are a few of the warning signs the car engine has failing belts or hoses.

The hoses throughout the car engine have to be operational in order for fluids to make their way to parts of the cooling system. Failing hoses will appear to have cracks in the rubber and bulges or soft spots.

The belts on the motor must be tight or they will slip and cause the parts of the cooling system to fail. Belts that are close to failure will make a squeaking sound and appear to be splitting or cracking on the surface.

Come to Volkswagen of Salem and one of our technicians will take a closer look at the belts and hoses and replace any that are failing.

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