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Vehicle Weight and Hydroplaning

Your tires have important roles in the safe operation of your car. These tough members of your suspension system need to maintain contact and traction with the road. They also must support the considerable weight of your car or truck, and they must do this under a variety of weather conditions.

If your tires are underinflated, they may be more likely to hydroplane in wet weather conditions. Your tires hydroplane when thin layers of water build up between them and the road surface. This floating action can rob you of vehicular control and is thus to be avoided at all costs.

Poorly inflated tires may provide inadequate support to both heavy and lighter vehicles. This instability can make your vehicle more prone to a number of control issues, including hydroplaning.

The good news is, you can reduce the risk of hydroplaning by using the proper tires. Here at our service department in Salem, OR our Volkswagen of Salem suspension system experts can give you insights on your tire needs. For a no-obligation conversation, swing by our place today.

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