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What Do You Know About Car Wax?

As a car owner, there are a number of things that the dealership where you purchased your vehicle wants you to know in order to properly maintain your car. Among the things that they want you to know is car wax. Knowing its purpose and how often to use it can go a long way to keeping up the appearance of your car.

Car wax can be derived from natural sources like the carnauba or palm wax, coal, or synthetic wax derived from silicones. Wax is all about protection. Its main function is to serve as a barrier between the clearcoat finish of your vehicle and the elements, such as air, water and ultraviolet light. The common view of how often your vehicle may need to have car wax applied is generally around 3 times per year.

If you would like to learn of other ways to maintain your vehicle or are in need of having your vehicle serviced, then visit our service department at Volkswagen of in Salem, OR.

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