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Car Guide 101: Getting an Alignment

Did you know that mechanics can use a wheel alignment machine to precisely align your car’s axles and wheels? It’s true. Your mechanic can quickly adjust your car’s suspension using a computer and clamp device that attaches to your car’s wheels. It’s important to get your alignment adjusted any time that your feel your tires aren’t moving in the same direction or if you feel vibrations in your steering wheel.

The car alignment is a simple process that configures your car’s axles and wheels, positioning them precisely so that they all move in the same direction. In an alignment, your mechanic will square up the car’s wheels and axles, adjusting different suspension angles so that they precisely match those provided by your car’s manufacturer. These angles are called toe, thrust, camber, and caster.

You can get your car’s alignment checked fast in our service department at Volkswagen of Salem located in Salem, OR.

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