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Extend the Life of Your Battery With a Service Routine

If you have been finding your car, truck, or SUV struggling to start lately, you many need to do service on - or even replace - your battery. Over time, your battery will naturally lose power and its ability to recharge. Like everything else on your vehicle, it too has a limited (if fairly long) lifespan. But servicing it might just do the trick.

In order to do this, first try cleaning the cables and posts. They can develop an acidic buildup over time which can affect performance. You can also check the level of the electrolyte and add water to the fill holes if you find that is necessary. After that is done, you can use a hydrometer to check both the condition and the charge of the battery.

If you find that this still doesn't do the trick, then that probably means the battery is due for a replacement. If you need a new battery or just want to bring your vehicle in to have yours checked and serviced, then come and see our service experts here at Volkswagen of Salem.

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