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When is it Time for Suspension System Repairs?

No matter what kind of suspension system your vehicle has, the components that make it up will eventually need replacement. If you can identify failing parts before they do real damage, you can save yourself time, effort, and expense. It is important to note that suspension system components are often quite complex, and it pays to consult with a trained and experienced suspension system specialist before embarking on any major changes.

Some common signs of damage can include leaking shock absorbers or struts. Shock and strut designs can vary widely, but many models feature hydraulic fluid-filled reaction chambers. This fluid plays a key role in controlling the springs as they rebound from tire impacts, and this constant back and forth can result in leaks. If you notice leaks around your shock, struts, or bushings, notify a professional right away.

Suspension systems can be confusing, but our certified and experienced Volkswagen suspension technicians can take the mystery out of the repair and replacement process. Swing by our Salem, OR location today for a rapid consultation.

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