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Let Us Dispel Any Worries That You May Have About Your Transmission

Although there are many parts and systems that work together to do a number of different things, have you ever wondered the major component to make your car move is? The answer to that questions is your vehicle's transmission. Keeping it in the best condition possible will prolong the life of your car.

Your vehicle's transmission is tasked with doing an arduous job. It transfers power, generated by the engine, to the drive axle and wheels which actually puts your vehicle in motion. The gears inside the transmission are lubricated and cooled by a fluid that breaks down over time. As such, your vehicle's transmission needs to be serviced at regular intervals.

We are conveniently located at Volkswagen of Salem in Salem, OR. If you would like to establish routine service and maintenance on your vehicle's transmission to eliminate any future headaches, then don't hesitate to come in to our service center. We will get you situated and on your way.

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